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Who is the Mully Children's Family


Today, 300,000 children in Kenya are abandoned, homeless and live in the streets! 


· Rescue and rehabilitation of street children is not easy.

· Street life is dirty, violent, and short.

· Kenyans are fearful of street children and  look as criminals.

· Police often harass and beat the children.

· Boys survive by collecting garbage.

· Girls are forced to resort to prostitution.

· Street children continually live in fear.

· All street children become malnourished and sick.

· Street children have NO HOPE for a decent life.

It seems like an impossible problem that

no one can solve.....


Still on the Streets

Your donation will make a difference
You can help save street children’s lives “One child at a time”. 

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Project Rescue

GrandpasCan 2014

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 Flood Disaster Project Completed!


 Disaster Relief Fund

 Greenhouse Repair 1

Repairs on GreenHouses Complete

Greenhouse Repair 2

New crop of Tomatoes planted in GreenHouses


Reconstruction of Earth Dams


Planting of Vetiver Grass to prevent erosion.


Upcoming Mission Trips

 Missions  will be coming soon..........






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