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There's an African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child.

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TPC August 2015- Interested in joining a team to Kenya? –Here is your chance to help transform the lives of destitute Children in Kenya.



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RHCCC 2015 July 2015- Please help Donate now to a Medical Missions trip


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Choir Tour Coming!



The Mully Children's Family Charitable Foundation, the Canadian arm of MCF is currently making plans to bring 16 members of the Mully Children's Family Choir for a six week tour of Canada in November and December of 2015. Charles and Esther will accompany their children and look forward to reuniting with Canadians who have traveled to Kenya to volunteer at MCF.


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Call For Volunteers!

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Who is the Mully Children's Family


Today, 300,000 children in Kenya are abandoned, homeless and live in the streets! 


· Rescue and rehabilitation of street children is not easy.

· Street life is dirty, violent, and short.

· Kenyans are fearful of street children and  look as criminals.

· Police often harass and beat the children.

· Boys survive by collecting garbage.

· Girls are forced to resort to prostitution.

· Street children continually live in fear.

· All street children become malnourished and sick.

· Street children have NO HOPE for a decent life.

It seems like an impossible problem that

no one can solve.....


Still on the Streets

Your donation will make a difference
You can help save street children’s lives “One child at a time”. 

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